Thursday, June 05, 2008


If at night, when you cover the day's scratches with somebody's skin, you know you are at home, hang on to that skin as long as you can. Life doesn't play fair, and you might just wonder where did all the amazingness go.
Yo estoy dentro de las sombras

If in the morning, when the first ray of light touches your eyes, you wish for the night to come back, so you can linger in the arms of your lover, hang on to that ray.
Sufriendo, fluyendo dentro de ti

If all your dreams, hopes, wishes, sighs, shivers, fevers, are all subdued to the presence of someone in your life, you have been blessed. I don't usually vote for it, but yes, ladies and gentlemen, this time I do. I vote for love.
Besando la tierra
Llevantando te
Fluyendo dentro de ti
Atraves de ti
Cuando te lavantas
Cuando estas triste
Cuando lloras con la lluvia
Daca ai ajuns sa citesti asta, esti PREA curios!!!

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